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    This Blog is in dedication of the ever long battle and struggle of finding balance at home and work, while celebrating the stay-at-home-mom or mommy-on-the-go.



Technology Tuesday::: Amazon Prime vs. Netflix- The Smackdown

    Its the video streaming smackdown.  I have both Amazon Instant Video (which I mainly bought because of my kindle fire) and have had Netflix for years.  Below I’ve listed what I liked about both. Amazon Instant Prime PRICE::: $99 (Was $89)  YEARLY- roughly $8/monthly, includes rentals of new releases and free instant video streaming for … Continue reading


Motivation Monday: Your life’s Plan! #MM

    This quote really struck a chord with me.   Sometimes I loose sight of my goals and just try to do what I need to do to get through the day at work, as a mom, as an individual.  My wake up and refresh started when I saw this quote.  I need to … Continue reading


T.G.I.F. #CosmoCatchup Things Every Woman Should know in there 20s

  I saw this in my youtube feed and felt that this very competent and realistic list.  Saving money, Dinner Parties, etc.   Happy Friday!!  


#Trending Thursday::: Train Yo Kids!

I recently had a conversation with my mother and she told me “Your sister’s children are going to be trained right because she’s strict”.  Insert the record scratch here.   Firstly, when you hear that the first thing that you hear is that your own children are not trained right so of course you catch … Continue reading


WCW: Iggy Azalea

  Let’s all admit that us females have all seen a woman and thought about how gorgeous they were.  My dedication to Woman Crush Wednesday goes out to the fabulous Australia rapper- Iggy Azalea.  From Australia, she left to live in Miami (she chronicles her beginnings in her recent single “Work”) and stayed primarily in the … Continue reading

emma approved

Wildcard Wednesday::: All Hail Jane- Yet Another Jane Austen Find!

All Hail My Fellow Austen Lovers out there… I have said time and again that I have watched every Austen Adaptation imaginable.  My most recent finds besides a tv movie Scents and Sensibility, has been an adaptation by the same people who brought The Lizzie Bennett Diaries, have now brought a newly adapted Emma Woodhouse … Continue reading


Technology Tuesday: Oh Kindle How I love thee

This past Christmas, I was gifted with a Kindle.  Mind you I love my apple products and would have loved an iPad mini, but I was pleasantly surprised because I am not the type of person to gift my self with any extravagance.  Besides my iPhone, I don’t spring for electronics and if I do … Continue reading

Music Monday

Music Monday: Spring Is Here Playlist

“Not a Bad Thing” Justin Timberlake [[I heard this song ofor the first time while driving with the windows down and with all the drama of a tv movie there was a settling in me that made this such as Springtime is here moment]]     “XO” Beyonce [[Beyonce Enough Said]]     “The Illest” … Continue reading

return of the mack

Return of the Mack

I am finally back. Back to blogging.  Oh how I’ve missed this.  Yes I did miss this.  Although I was frantic at blogging, but I’m Back with a refreshed and renewed outlook.  Life has been hectic I’ll admit, but it definitely allowed to me refocus on my goals.  This year instead of a vision board, … Continue reading

Back At it Again!- The RETURN

I’ve been MIA for a couple of months and have finally come back.  With issues with family, loss,  and the move, settling into a new rhythmn really took a toll on me. But Alas, I am back and happy to be at it again.  This blog has become an outlet for me.  Thus the Return… … Continue reading


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