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T.G.I.F.:::::: Navimas Things to do this Holiday Season #navimas #tgif

Friday is here- which means the weekend is here.  As much as I love immersing myself in work, I look forward to the break and more importantly to the Christmas break with the kiddos.  I love Christmas, I love my wonderful mix of Navidad Traditions and Christmas traditions- in my heart each year I try … Continue reading


Trending Thursday:::: #RisingAboveIt a new campaign highlighting #empowerment @Latina @Pinesol

I love- LOVE – one more time… LOVE seeing positive things being spread across the internet.  I’ve highlighted in past posts about companies highlighting girl power, such as Pantene’s Shine Strong , Always Like  A Girl, and Verizon’s Inspire Her Mind.  This new campaign comes from PineSol.  I love when familiar brands step out and puts … Continue reading


Music Monday:::: Christmas Edition #feliznavimas

Growing up bilingual in Georgia- I fell in love with Christmas, the traditions, the music, the cookies lol.  I didn’t get to do all the cool things with my family that I saw on TV- like baking and decorating cookies and stringing popcorn garland.  Instead we were very beaner-ish.  I loved my Christmases- but becoming … Continue reading


A Few thoughts on Black Friday

Forgive my lack of clever hash tagged title but I thought that for this post I would be quite simplistic.  I have worked retail Black Friday since I was a teenager.  As a I became a mommy I started to see how much less my Thanksgiving time with my family started to be.  We would … Continue reading


Technology Tuesday::::: Influenster- a review Junkies must have… #technologytuesday #Influenster @Influenster

Since I’ve started my blogging journey three years ago, Influenster was one of the first websites that I really delved into.  Being a young mom, advice from peers and like minded people were a must.  In this internet phase, the average review has grown, its the first place people consult prior to buying most things … Continue reading


Motivation Monday:::: Gratitude is powerful #latenightmotivation #reflection #mm

Sometimes we forget how powerful you making someone know your gratitude not only empowers ourselves but yourself as well…. Late night thoughts ;)


A Frozen Reunion- Calling all families in search of a MAGICAL Christmas Reunion #frozenchristmasreunion #disney

As this Thanksgiving nears I know that deep in our hearts we are excited to have reunions come into place with our loved ones.  But sometimes we aren’t so lucky- whether it be financial or even distance there might be something that contributes to the hollow feeling you might have this holiday season.  I’m familiar with the … Continue reading


Technology Tuesday: Paid To Go shopping?!? #Ebates #TechTuesday

Tis the season… to be shopping! Just kidding but its coming to the part of the year where we are close to the ones we love and are anxious to be able to spend time around those we love.  And because this may be one of the few times we see each other through out … Continue reading


Technology Tuesday: #Brauns #technologymusthave #BraunTherms @Influenster

What mom doesn’t need her gadgets to appropriately take over the world? Mauahaha…. No but seriously I love my gadgets just like the next mom and a gadget that makes sucky jobs like taking a temperature much easier is definitely a godsend.  I was sent the Brauns Therm No Touch Thermometer by Influenster for review … Continue reading

Movie Monday:::: Sofia the First- Holiday in Enchancia #newrelease #disneyjr #alliedhispanic

Disney’s at it again! And right in time for the holiday season.  Sofia’s celebrating her first holiday season in Enchancia with her new family.  And like any other Sofia adventures we have a special guest in this holiday tale- Sleeping Beauty herself- Princess Aurora.  With her guidance Sophia helps reunite her father so that they can … Continue reading


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