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    This Blog is in dedication of the ever long battle and struggle of finding balance at home and work, while celebrating the stay-at-home-mom or mommy-on-the-go.



Motivation Monday::: This is your moment… Own it! #oprahwinfrey #mujerpoderosa #motivation

  I have made it a habit to reflect on Mondays.  Its weird but I start each Monday off with a quote and each evening with a different quote.   It helps me charge for the day, since let’s face it what Mondays are easy to go through and it also helps me focus for … Continue reading

Back from hiatus …

so as the new year started I took a hiatus from the blog among other things to concentrate on new exciting changes that were going on in my personal life. I recently underwent a work promotion. So that was a scary and exciting and now that life has shifted to a comfortable rhythm that I … Continue reading

Bringing in the new…#2015

Another year has come and with it the anticipation of the new and of opportunities and experiences to come. I love welcoming it with family and this I love because I want to end each year with the people I know will be there in the new year. To all my cyberspace followers out there, … Continue reading


T.G.I.F. :::::: Moms deserve Awards lots of them…. #buzzfeed #moms

After the Miracle of Christmas- last minute shopping-wrapping, hiding, staging, cooking, baking, assembling, cleaning, driving, entertaining and the five hundred other things I love to see the clever names put to the normal every day activities we do every day.  We deserve awards- it’s a tough job and we are up for the challenge!   … Continue reading


Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

So it has officially come, Christmas Eve, I hope that like me all the presents have been wrapped and hidden  and simply having nothing left pending except the enjoyment of your family’s company. So cuddle up and pop in a movie, eat some Christmas cookies, Open a present before Midnight, go to mass… create a … Continue reading


Technology Tuesday::: Fun Apps for Christmas- Naughty or Not! #navimas #TechnologyTuesday

Looking for some updated fun with your tablet or computer. … Check out a few of my finds! The Santa Tracker::: [found here] You can countdown to Christmas, explore the northpole and better yet get to track Santa as  he progresses through his travels.  Its an amazing thing to share for those curious about how … Continue reading


Must See Movie Monday::: The Top TEN Movies YOU should be watching this Christmas! #navimas #moviemonday #movieinspired

1. HOME ALONE:::: This is the first  year Jason watched this with me.  Home Alone is the Christmas Classic.  I mean home alone, movies, and freedom, every kids dream right! 2. THE SANTA CLAUSE::: Tim “The Toolman” Taylor plays Santa by default when Santa falls off his house and he becomes the new Santa.  It’s … Continue reading


Manic Monday::: Stop the HOLIDAY panic with these hacks #feliznavimas #holidayhacks

Double sided tape has changed my life this Christmas.  I’m mad that I didn’t discover this sooner. I used to wrap presents at a local Walmart  and my mom used to work at Belk’s Department store in Georgia in customer service and needless to say those presents were in THE chastity belt of wrapping paper … Continue reading


T.G.I.F.:::::: Navimas Things to do this Holiday Season #navimas #tgif

Friday is here- which means the weekend is here.  As much as I love immersing myself in work, I look forward to the break and more importantly to the Christmas break with the kiddos.  I love Christmas, I love my wonderful mix of Navidad Traditions and Christmas traditions- in my heart each year I try … Continue reading


Trending Thursday:::: #RisingAboveIt a new campaign highlighting #empowerment @Latina @Pinesol

I love- LOVE – one more time… LOVE seeing positive things being spread across the internet.  I’ve highlighted in past posts about companies highlighting girl power, such as Pantene’s Shine Strong , Always Like  A Girl, and Verizon’s Inspire Her Mind.  This new campaign comes from PineSol.  I love when familiar brands step out and puts … Continue reading


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