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Trending Thursday: Latina Legend (atleast in my eyes) Elizabeth Pena dies at 55 #inremembranceof #miherencia #trending

I was shocked to hear yesterday that one of who I consider a Latina legend had passed away. Elizabeth Pena was a Cuban American Actress that was a constant figure head in some of the best movies that featured mainly Latino casts.  You’re probably will remember her most from the voice of the white haired … Continue reading


Wildcard Wednesday: These are a few of my favorite things… #herenciainspired #HHM2014

A random list of my favorites.  Oh how my life would have been different without these items!                      


Technology Tuesday::: #JanetheVirgin and #Cristela… New Shows that have Latinos hitting Primetime! #miherencia #hhm2014

Latinos are invading Primetime! wooooo! I have been waiting for this new show to come on the CW called Jane the Virgin (I mentioned the main protagonist Jane played by Gina Rodriguez in a post mentioned here).  The main things that drew me into this is the plot of a young girl getting accidentally inseminated while still … Continue reading


Motivation Monday::: Laughter is the way of life! #herenciainspired #HHM2014

    If you haven’t noticed but I’m kinda of Frida-obsessed (click here for my Frida-inspired post).  I loved her way of thinking and there is something about a woman with a unibrow that sported it around confidently and create such amazing things.  Well words for thought- surrender yourself to the light and embrace a … Continue reading


WCW: Woman Crush Wednesday #SalmaHayek

  Salma Hayek has been a long crush of mine and its because of her sheer ambition and passion.  I mean everytime I watch her she just inspires me to do something. Originally a telenovela star in Mexico, she ventured out to conquer Hollywood.  I first saw her in Desperado and man was she hot! … Continue reading


Technology Tuesday: Lat-INspired Movie picks to end out the herencia celebration #HHM2014 #miherencia

Some of my choices for Lat-IN-spired Movies…. enjoy ;) Like Water for Chocolate One of the first movies I saw that made me start my love affair with Latin cinema was Like Water for Chocolate.  If you haven’t seen this — really where have you been? Its a beautiful story about a forbidden love, misguided … Continue reading


BookWorm::: Lat-IN-spired Author Finds #HerenciaInspired #HHM2014

Usually I dedicate my Tuesday posts to something technology related but I’d thought I’d start at least a monthly posts on my first love- my paperback books.   With my recent gift, a kindle, I can now enjoy my books on my technological devices but nothing beats a paperback in your hands.  I thought I’d … Continue reading


T.G.I.F. Herencia Wear… Embracing my Inner Frida #miherencia #HHM2014

Check out my new herencia wear- just t-shirts I found at Forever 21… Score! Under $15 and featuring one my favorite Latina Painters Frida Kahlo.  Last year they sold out before I can grab one… and I definitely did not make the same mistake twice.

Trending Thursday: Breaking the stereotypes? The battle of the Modern Latina #HHM2014 #miherencia

One of my biggest struggles growing up has been overcoming stereotypes.  A battle that I hope my children don’t have to struggle so hard with.  I was THAT brown girl, the LATINA, sitting in the middle hoping to blend in, but failing hopelessly. I was always the minority and it was hard.   A lot … Continue reading


Wildcard Wednesday: What I love about being a Latina! My journey through mi musica #miherencia #HHM2014

Since we’re in the midst of Hispanic Heritage Month I’d thought I’d focus at least one post in dedication to my love of my culture.  If you don’t know I’m Puerto Rican by birth raised an Army Bratt mainly in the south.  One things that made up my identity as a child and formed me … Continue reading


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