Manic Monday::: Last Minute Gifts for Back To School

ManicMonday small

  My mom was always one to instill in me a good impression which is tough especially since I’m always the silly goofy one that says the wrong thing or makes a clumsy mess of herself.  But one thing that… Continue Reading

Technology Tuesday:::: Top 3 Back to School Shopping Pics #technology #mommymusthave


So this weekend will mark my state’s (Florida)  Tax Free Weekend and school is starting NEXT MONDAY.  So I’ve compiled a brief lists of things that I will definitely be contemplating with my new fourth grader in the mix. Netbook/Small… Continue Reading

Motivation Monday::: Planning Your Week ft. My Happy PLANNER #mambi #planner obsessed

Motivation Monday Plan

What busy Mom doesn’t need some sort of planner system to help keep you motivated and organized.  I’ve been struggling for the best system for myself.  Between work obligations, personal goals, kids schedules, I was having a hard time tracking… Continue Reading

Savvy Sunday::: DIY Entry Table Idea


I love a good DIY.  There’s nothing I love more than to comb pinterest to give me a sleek look for cheap. I found this piece of scrap wood from the table of a leaf hanging around my job unclaimed.… Continue Reading

#Savvy Sunday::: Adventures in Couponing — Part 1. The Hunt and The Kill #savingsglory #couponingcoup

Savvy Sunday

I’ve posted prior about me venturing into the extreme couponing world… and Alas, I failed various times to try and get successful at these hauls. I kept asking myself HOW??? How are they able to get these deals? I’m seeing… Continue Reading