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Trending Thursday::: The Power of Words in Music- Spoken Word Artist speaks some words for thought #keepittrending

So I thought I’d round this last Thursday in this month ending in a Girl Power note (Not forever lol).  As I was perusing my facebook I saw this post by Groundswell.  It’s this spoken word’s take on the impact of the music scene on our young women.  As much as I love the catchy … Continue reading

sofia banner

Technology Tuesday:::: Sofia the First:The Enchanted Feast- DVD Review

In my household holds one of each gender a boy and a lady- and I say lady because Gabriella is a girl in her own world.  So the fun thing is that I get to do a lot of things that I didn’t get to do when I was younger. I get to embrace my … Continue reading


T.G.I.Fifty…. The trailer is finally here!

So I actually waited to go to work until I saw the full length trailer and oh my …. I hope this movie is not cheesy but this made my day yesterday…. just enough to tease and enough to satisfy.  Sigh… let us watch in silence. Judge me all you want… the books are not pulitzer prize … Continue reading


#TRENDING THURSDAY::: Innerbeauty embraced by and highlighted by Colbie Caillat in music video

  I grew up very shy- and I love my upbringing because it defined me as the person I am now- but there are things that I want my daughter to embrace that I have JUST BEGAN to EMBRACE in my mid-20s embrace.  I was never really confident without make up. The one thing I … Continue reading

MCM Bennett


I am an Orange-is-the-New-Black-Aholic…. I mean I can’t get tired of the storylines and get tired of the characters.   I’ve dedicated one post to the ladies that have my heart…. but today… this guy has been in my thoughts- Bennett (Matt McGorry) Who doesn’t feel for the doomed love affair of Daya and Bennett. … Continue reading


SAVVY SUNDAY::: Organix Hair Care $4.99 @CVS #CVSRewards

When I pulled out this morning’s paper and looked at the deals, I was literally about to click my heals in happiness! Organix Haircare for $4.99. They regularly retail at $7.99 at CVS.  Not as exciting as a BOGO deal… but hey those deals are rare.  This deal for Organix lasts until 8/2.  I took … Continue reading


Fitness Friday: PROTEIN…. protein… PROTEIN!

I’m on a journey of personal health.  This has been a long and hard journey, trust me, I haven’t been consistent and still haven’t.  I wanted to journey to a healthier life in general.  Why? Being a Mom, promoting health is key to me.  How can tell a kid to eat healthy if I can’t … Continue reading


Motivational Monday: Failure—only when you stop trying!!!

  Hope this quote enlivens you like it did me for this week!  When we no longer try to make our dreams come alive and to live our true passions we can be afraid to keep trying.  How will you succeed if you give up! Words of Wisdom.  Happy Monday Loves!  


Savvy Sunday: Gas Rewards- Yes PLEASE! Shell Rewards Fuel Perks

If you saw last week’s Savvy Sunday post it featured most of the items from a VoxBox sent complimentary of Influenster (can see the post here).   I mentioned that I wanted to divide this into a separate post due to a lot of the breakdown. Before moving to Florida, in Georgia there was a … Continue reading

wcw jlo

WCW: Jennifer Lopez #wcw

My love affair with Jennifer Lopez spans back to her first roles in Anaconda and Selena.  I was the kid rocking her Still perfume in Highschool! That was my scent and everybody knew! I love her laugh, the characters she plays, her drive, and her bomb fashion sense.  I mean she executive produces The Fosters, … Continue reading


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